<-- Mikie – I’m looking for a men who ready f…..

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Mikie – I’m looking for a men who ready f…..

My name is Bich Hien. I’m still single and I think I have well prepared for a romantic relationship and to marry. I am a Healthcare Nutrition Specialist at Nestlé company. I’m into dancing and travelling. Actually, I’m an optimistic and open- hearted person with a smile always on my face. I’m fascinated in going to the cinema, cafe, walking along the beach at sunrise and sunset, but I don’t like doing them alone, I need a person by my side, to enjoy the glow of the dawn, the lapping of the waves, the breath of sea and the song of birds ( Maldives, Hawaii, …) together. I belive that it’s high time you (my prince) found me (a princess).Now, I need a man who love me, wo can take my hand and come with me for the rest of my life.

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